What are PVC Specialty Fittings?

Specialty PVC fittings refer to non-standard PVC fittings that connect PVC pipe in unique ways that you normally cannot do with plumbing fittings from the hardware store.  Typically used for PVC structures, specialty fittings are an easy way to build quick PVC-pipe based solutions.

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So What Exactly are Specialty Fittings?

Specialty PVC fittings encompass a category of non-standard PVC fittings designed to connect PVC pipes in unconventional and creative ways, exceeding the capabilities of traditional plumbing fittings found in hardware stores. These specialized fittings find their primary application in the construction of PVC structures, offering an efficient and versatile approach to crafting solutions using PVC pipes.

Among the various forms of specialty PVC fittings, the most notable and commonly encountered are Furniture Grade PVC fittings. These fittings are sometimes referred to as Structural Grade PVC or Medical Grade PVC, depending on their specific intended use. Furniture Grade PVC fittings are notable for their enhanced quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. They are engineered to meet higher impact and UV-resistance standards than standard PVC fittings, ensuring a reliable and long-lasting connection between PVC pipes.

The term "Furniture Grade" implies that these PVC fittings are suitable for crafting furniture, as well as a host of other projects, as they provide not only a strong and secure connection but also an attractive finish. Beyond furniture construction, these fittings have proven valuable in a multitude of applications, including DIY projects, greenhouses, shelving units, playground equipment, and more. Their versatility makes them a preferred choice for those seeking both functionality and aesthetics in their PVC pipe-based creations.

All in all, specialty PVC fittings offer innovative and flexible solutions for connecting PVC pipes, enabling the construction of various structures and projects that go beyond the limitations of standard plumbing fittings. Whether you are building furniture, a greenhouse, or any other PVC-based project, specialty PVC fittings can be a game-changer in terms of design possibilities and structural integrity.

They all work with Plumbing PVC

Most specialty fittings are completely compatible with regular, Schedule 40 PVC plumbing pipe, which is available from almost any hardware store.  The differences are great, as specialty fittings have have added features and configurations, such as additional ports, increased appearance qualities as well as bright colors and other unique traits.

The most common feature is the unique socket configuration found on 3-Way, 4-Way and 5-Way Furniture Grade PVC fittings.  These distinct fittings let you connect PVC pipe at differing angles and methods to allow you to build a structure or application, just like Tinkertoy or K’nex set.

There are Specialty Accessories, too.

Just like specialty fittings add unique configurations for connecting pipes at various angles, specialty accessories also do the same. They can even enhance the functionality and versatility of PVC pipe-based projects. These accessories include Internal Dome Caps, External Flat Caps, Slip Tees, and Table Caps, bringing added features and capabilities to your creations. 

These specialty accessories not only add unique features to your PVC projects but also enhance their overall functionality and aesthetics. Whether you require a clean and safe pipe termination, the ability to create hinges, or the convenience of branch connections, specialty fittings, and accessories provide valuable solutions for a wide range of applications.

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