1/2" Schedule 40 Furniture Grade PVC Pipe - 40" L (3-Pack)

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Contains: Pack of Three (3) 40" Lengths of Pipe - (10' linear feet Total)

1/2" Schedule 40 Furniture Grade PVC pipe is an unmarred, robust and reliable product. Its glossy surface, bright color and resistance to fading, yellowing, dulling and cracking from sunlight, misuse and weathering guarantee long-term performance.

This 1/2" Schedule 40 Furniture Grade PVC Pipe offers an unblemished surface, making your projects appear professionally-made and attractive.

Pipeworks Furniture Grade PVC Pipe is externally protected against UV radiation, presenting a glossy, smooth external finish. This type of pipe is up to five times stronger than standard plumbing pipe, and is constructed with solid walls, so the internal and external color is identical.

This PVC pipe has an outside diameter of 0.840" or 13/16" and an inner diameter of approximately 1/2".  Check our PVC Sizing Guide for more information.

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